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How Safe Are Your Schools?

Safe schools are everybody’s business in preventing a school crisis. Providing a school climate where teachers can teach and students can learn should be the mission of every community. School safety issues also influence curriculum, staff development, student discipline, buildings and school management. How safe are your schools? The following questions should be asked by school boards, superintendents and principals as they review district and school safety plans.

  • Does every school have adequate interior and exterior lighting?

  • Is every permanent and portable classroom equipped with a two-way communication system?

  • Is every school and district office main entrance clearly identified and monitored?

  • Can all classrooms doors be secured from within?

  • Are all buildings properly cleaned and maintained?

  • Have local law enforcement, fire departments, and county emergency medical personnel been involved in assessing your school and district safety plan?

  • Do all schools have appropriate signs posted to address weapons, trespassing, search and seizure, visitor procedures and legal jurisdiction notification?

  • Have safety procedures been addressed in school renovations or new construction programs?

  • Do all district office and district support services have a safety plan and meet all safety standards?

  • Do you have a line item in your budget planning process to address safety issues in your district each year?

  • Do you have a yearly process to review and update your district and school safety plans?

You might think that these questions are new or are a result of a recent school crisis in our nation. They are not. These questions were asked and addressed over 20 years ago in a publication of the South Carolina School Boards Association that discussed Zero Tolerance and Critical School Safety Issues, authored by Dr. Brodie Bricker and Dr. Venus Holland.

The question for you today is, “How Safe Are Your Schools”. For more information on assessing your District and School Safety needs, contact J. Brodie Bricker, PhD at jbrodiebricker@bellsouth.net, or 864-436-7087 or visit www.brodiebrickercounsulting.com


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